Received my box 2 days ago and so far so good. Me and the hubby are finding it hard but the kids are loving the fact they can tell us to put our phones away.
— Mrs A Holmes, Liverpool, UK

What a great idea. So simple yet so effective. Cant tell you how fed up i was with my kids staring at their screens all day. The whole family is getting involved and it really is fascinating what happens when we all take a break from our screens.
— Mrs N Mackie, Southampton, UK

Nice little box that looks good in my kitchen.
— Miss Mackay, Edinburgh, UK

Kids were not happy when I got this but they are coming round to it more and more now, the wall chart has helped a lot as it has brought our their competitive spirit!
— Mrs L Quinn, Birmingham, UK

Having researched about the negative health effects of phones and iPads can have on my daughter I decided to give this a try after recommendation from a friend. Put simply it has worked so far without any fuss. I already felt my daughter (age 5) spent too long on her phone. We use the box as a ‘break time’ away from her phone - usually 1 hour breaks before tea time and longer breaks at the weekend. Obviously we’ve had to fill the void... so far we’ve taken some long walks around my local park or on bad weather days I’ve now started introducing board games from my youth which we have all really enjoyed. I definitely feel it’s made a difference to us all.
— Suzanne, Reading, UK