Below are links to articles from various sources around the world, all with one thing in common….. the dangers of too much screen time and why we need to act now!

‘Screen Time’ Is Over

The phrase can’t remotely capture our ever-shifting digital experience, social scientists say. Say hello to the “screenome.”
New York Times

"If you're looking at your phone more than you're looking into someone's eyes, you're doing the wrong thing," Apple CEO Tim Cook says.
Sky News

“There’s growing moral panic about our reliance on screens and the content, in particular social media, they display.”
New York Times

“How 'screen time' is turning adults into 'volatile three-year-olds”
The Sydney Morning Herald

“Face-to-face time we have with our children is not just the icing on the cake, it is the cake," she said. "It is the place that children learn the most about the world - and about themselves.”
ABC News

“Research shows that children's brains on screen time look a lot like children's brains on cocaine, and scientists are just starting to discover what that means.”

“U.N. Health Agency Recommends No Screen Time For Babies”
Kera News

“In the past week, I’ve read several studies that are scary to me… it’s the scary truth about what’s hurting our kids.”
Your Modern Family

The kids are all right. But the parents?

Since 2016, adults have grown much more concerned about the time they spend on mobile devices even as their teenage children have grown far less worried about their own use, according to a new report from Common Sense Media, a nonprofit children’s advocacy and media ratings organisation.”
New York Times

“Playing sport for at least two hours a week could be the antidote to the perils of screen time”
The Times

“When you undertake a digital detox, even if it's initially uncomfortable, you can start to look after yourself better, and the people and priorities in your life, better”
The Body Coach

“The results show that there is a lasting influence of screen time, especially when children are two to five years old, when their brains are undergoing a period of tremendous development”
Philstar Global

”From losing MONEY to becoming narrow-minded: GP reveals how spending too much time on social media is RUINING your life”
Daily Mail

“We have to inform people that our environment can be toxic if we allow it to be“
Portland Tribune

”Many children who overdo video gaming start to display addictive behaviour. Psychologists point out that for many, gaming stimulates secretion of the neurotransmitter dopamine. For those kids, once gaming stops, the brain craves more dopamine. This can trigger negativity and anger, and send a kid into withdrawal mode. “
The Dispatch

”The amount of time that children under the age of two spend looking at screens on digital devices has more than doubled over a 17-year period, a study has found.”

”Medical recommendations on how much screen time kids should get”
The Straits Times

”More TV, Tablets, More Attention Issues at Age 5”

”We’re squandering increasing amounts of time distracted by our phones. And that’s taking a serious toll on our mental and physical well-being.”
The Conversation

”More screen time linked to higher risk of ADHD in preschool-aged children”

”The unhealthy selfie – Why your smartphone is out to get you”
Milk Bank Monitor

“Risk of ADHD Seven Times Higher in Preschoolers Who Spend Over 2 Hours on Smartphones”
The Epoch Times