has been created by the Starrett family from Scotland

Yvonne (Mum) and Richard (Dad) noticed that as a family they were spending more and more time on their smart phones each day. When Richard would Come home from work he would be doing what most dads up and down the country are doing: on their phone ..... wasting time surfing the web, on social media, emails, texts, what’s app..... rather than spending quality time with his wife and children. After a few months and a good few arguments :) they had their lightbulb moment when Yvonne had the great idea of creating a box where they could all put their phones so that they were out of sight: The Phonesaway Box, as a helping hand for everyone in the family to put their phones in whilst they all enjoyed some quality family time together.

Now each night at dinner time, all phones go in the phonesaway box and they all enjoy some great quality family time.

Our aim is to help other families in similar situation to us and provide them with a neat little device that we believe helps to bring back the true joy of parenting and family life...

We all love our phones and couldn’t be without them but like everything In Life too

Much of a good thing can be bad for you. There have been countless studies into the negative effects off too much phone use for both adults and kids alike, more shocking for us tho is the bad effect they are having on families. Please see some of the studies that have motivated us to start in our media section.